Beige canvas





Round Object for tracing circle – we used a small lamp shade

Yellow and black acrylic paint

Large, medium and small paintbrush

Straight pins

Sewing Machine

Black Thread

Denim needle for your machine 

   1.  Using your chalk and ruler, draw a 14 inch wide by 15 inch tall rectangle on your canvas – if you want to make your patch smaller or bigger,    allow for a seam that is a half inch wide on your side.

2. Using a round object as your stencil, we used a small lampshade, draw a circle in the middle of your canvas with a pencil.

3. Still using a pencil, draw your smiley face into the circle

4. Using your large paint brush paint the black around your smiley as a background, let dry for 5 min. With your medium paint brush, paint yellow into the smiley, avoiding the eyes and smile area, let dry for 5 min. Take your small brush and add the black detail to your smileys face. Let your painting dry over night.

5. After your painting feels very dry, fold over the sides of your patch and pin it down, creating a fake seam to be sewn. Then, sew your seam onto the patch.

6. Pin your patch down to the jacket and sew the patch onto the jacket.

7. Rock it like 99

Happy creating and remember to tag us on Instagram and we will share your art! 2_twenty #2twentycreate



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