Because of this connection to God we feel when we create or even when we see creativity, it only makes sense to me, that what we create should be for Him, an idea that furthers the cause of who He is. It’s my desire, as is with a lot of creatives, that what I create, can and should be my best.

I think God gives each of us natural abilities, and it’s up to us to grow them and dedicate time and energy to them. Here is a list of tips and ideas I have regarding creativity:

1 – Learn to understand that creativity is more than a hobby, it’s a responsibility. Creativity is the ability God has provided you with to connect others to something, we have the responsibility of making that something be Jesus.

2 – Create daily. It’s easy to put creativity on the back burner in order to get a job done, or not dedicate much time to a specific project because of a due date. From what I have learned about creativity, it’s much like exercising, you have to maintain a schedule and set a goal for yourself in order to accomplish the vision you have. Set a goal for yourself to create daily, if it’s just a sketch or a youtube video, keep your eyes open to all avenues of creativity.

3 – Be honest and true to your ideas. In the world of internet we are able to see tons and tons of different ideas and creatives. This is an amazing thing, but it can also make you begin to compare yourself to others. Don’t try to be someone else, be true to your taste and abilities, take your God given perspective and put that into your work.

4 – Create with and without limitation. Sometimes when working on a project you know certain things you can and can’t accomplish, which in turn, can put some limitations on your creativity and productivity. Give yourself a designated time or project that has zero limitations, in budget, design or even gravity. I’ve started a journal called the “create without limitations journal” it has all kinds of ideas, it allows me to just flow, I don’t erase anything, and I try to not judge each idea. I believe by allowing yourself to flow regularly, it allows you to think outside of the box when you are being required to think within one.

5 – Be okay with the process. Patience is something I truly have to work on when creating, but it so pays off in the end. Sometimes it can be difficult to see something in your head and not see it manifest within a few days, but just take each day as it comes and know the idea is being made better within your process. Know that every idea leads to another idea so even if you don’t use the original idea you may have started with, know that it was the initial spark that lead to the fire. Creativity is like cooking soup, let it simmer. Know you are making progress even when it seems like you’re not.

6 – Learn from others & stay educated. It’s so important to stay educated, you need to be able to have conversations with other creatives, your influence could mean everything. When collaborating, know that each of you has the creative ability for everyone to be satisfied with the end product, never let “my way or the highway” be your motto, that statement has the ability to make your project lack in every way. Keep your eyes open everyday to what other people are creating, they may have an idea you can add to and learn from.

7 – Have fun and stay humble.






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