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how to end your year like a champion

Sometimes the end of the year can feel awkward. You’re spending time with a lot of people you don’t usually spend time with, you’re eating a lot of food you don’t usually eat, and if none of that’s true for you, you are most likely spending a lot of your time thinking about the past year...

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DIY denim jacket smiley patch

Supplies: Beige canvas Chalk Ruler Scissors Pencil Round Object for tracing circle – we used a small lamp shade Yellow and black acrylic paint Large, medium and small paintbrush Straight pins Sewing Machine Black Thread Denim needle for your machine     1.  Using your chalk and...

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7 tips on creativity

Because of this connection to God we feel when we create or even when we see creativity, it only makes sense to me, that what we create should be for Him, an idea that furthers the cause of who He is. It’s my desire, as is with a lot of creatives, that what I create, can and should be my...

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